The Virtual Host

What can the Virtual Host do for you?
Welcome to the new and improved Vision2Watch Virtual Host website. This innovative interactive projection solution is the ideal solution to welcome guests, introduce new products or give a product presentation in an entertaining way. The Virtual Host is very realistic as we aim to create a lifelike image. The system is designed to be user friendly. You get a complete package that only requires setting up once without requiring any technical knowledge. Because of the flexibility it can easily be deployed on multiple locations. The key benefits of the Virtual Host are:

• Grabbing the attention of customers and passers-by
• Improved customer service
• Differentiate yourself from competitors.
• Works 24/7, never gets tired

The host is custom made: you can choose the model, clothing, text and lighting. You can choose between using one of our models or select someone from your own company to be filmed.

What makes the Virtual Host truly unique is the interaction. Your host doesn’t just talk. It knows when someone is actually standing in front of it. This not only helps with how lifelike the host appears, but also helps to bring the information across better.

Application areas:

• Retail
• Trade shows
• Education
• Events
• Musea
• Points of Information